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    發布日期:2019-07-01 瀏覽次數:56


    Cold-drawn steel pipes are usually oxidized and rusted during storage. However, with the development of science and technology, the storage conditions of cold-drawn steel tubes are getting better and better, so the anti-oxidation technology has also developed. Now we store products, usually cold-drawn steel pipe in a shed, so that some powder containing sodium chloride is sprayed on its surface, so as to neutralize the rust elements outside, but it must be noted that sodium chloride powder should be re-sprayed at intervals.


    How to deal with the blockage problem of cold drawn steel pipe caused by the falling off of oxide scale on the inner wall? Firstly, the steel wire rope of about 80% of the inner diameter of the furnace tube is used to dredge the inside back and forth. Punch the oxide scales off the inner wall of the tube and pierce the oxide scales blocking the furnace tube. After the wire rope is dredged, the inner wall of each tube is washed continuously with a high pressure water gun (the outlet pressure of the pump is about 80 MPa). After the washing is completed, each tube is inspected with an endoscope.


    Make sure the inside of the tube is unblocked: According to the endoscopy examination after washing, the cold-drawn steel pipe is pickled for the second time [because of structural reasons, the wall superheater can not be pickled], and the hypo-pickling after the installation of the boiler before. Because of the unclear internal oxide condition of the vertical water-cooled wall pipe, and the sampled tube is normally qualified. Therefore, EDTA cleaning process is effective for rust and scale impurities, but not good for high temperature oxide skin. In view of the quiet situation found after the leakage of the furnace tube, we should use compound acid (catalytic citric acid) as the medium. Well design "two-step cleaning method" after two strong chemical cleaning, finally make the inner oxide scale clean. 

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